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Our Mission: To provide all aspiring students with the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the American higher education system.

We achieve our mission in four steps:

Free Guidance

Student Caffé is committed to remaining free and open to the public.

From our inception, we have published our materials publicly and offered them to readers at no cost. Our information is aimed at all students (and their families) from all walks of life; we don’t want anyone to be excluded from our reach simply because of their financial situation. We believe that education is a right for all, and with the cost of higher education increasing, the least we can do is provide information to potential students free of charge.

Content Development

Student Caffé is committed to bringing readers the most up-to-date information.

We are devoted to providing accurate, relevant, and current information by constantly monitoring changes to higher education policies and procedures. We regularly revise all articles and maintain transparency by publishing the date articles were last updated. Not only is our content up-to-date, but we continually develop and publish new content on both studentcaffe.com and our blog. New sections on health and tolerance are in development.

Individualized Advice

Student Caffé is committed to providing tailored advice about all postsecondary options.

No two students are the same, and we recognize that no two pathways to higher education are the same either. Instead of utilizing a one-size-fits-all approach, we direct our information to different groups of students and detail all of their options, not just the “traditional” pathway to a four-year college. Of particular importance to us are the multiple routes that students can follow to achieve their educational dreams; we want students to recognize that they have numerous options, from completing trade apprenticeships to attending research institutions.

Continued Support

Student Caffé is committed to staying with students for the duration of their educational careers.

Instead of only helping students with their college search, college applications, and financial aid applications, we provide students with information they might need after choosing their path. Our section called “Enrich” enlightens students as to ways they can supplement their education with internships, study abroad, or other activities while “Thrive” ensures that they know the ins and outs of housing, health, and safety. Our blog is full of career, relationship, travel, and budgeting advice. While students are thinking about or pursuing their education, we will continue to help them navigate their paths.

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