Internships /

Internships are a great way to learn about what it’s like to work for a specific company as well as to explore your desired career field. They are typically short enough that several can be completed during your college career, either scheduled part-time around classes or during winter or summer breaks. While you may or may not make money while participating, you’ll gain valuable experience with every internship you complete.

If you are interested in a particular career or company but don’t have any practical experience yet, completing an internship might be the perfect way to figure out if your dream job is the right job. Internships are short-term positions with a particular company that allow you to get a feel for the job. You may not be doing the most exciting of tasks, but you’ll learn about the job, the company, and the people. Internships don’t always lead to a full-time offer, but the experience is generally worth the time.

Half of finding an internship is talking to the right people: attend campus career fairs, visit a career counselor, talk to your professors, and reach out to people in your LinkedIn network. You’ll want to send in applications, your résumé, and a tailored cover letter early and often to increase your chances of being asked for an interview. Once you have an interview, be sure to follow up with your prospective company.